Dedicated Server Hosting

Written by Sierra Rein
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A dedicated server is defined as a single computer connected to a network that is dedicated to the needs of that network. For example, a dedicated server can work exclusively to manage communications or route printer resources throughout a network of other computers. These servers are also instrumental in the daily processes of websites, telecommunications businesses, and ecommerce hosts.

In web hosting terms, dedicated server hosting means that computer hard drive space is rented out to outside parties. An individual or business purchases the use of blocks of server space for a fee each month. This space is then filled with any number of web-related data, including photographs, HTML pages, audio, video, and software.

Each dedicated server hosting company manages its server space differently, depending on the client. Some give out administration power to their customers, while others create managed servers requiring little to no maintenance. It is incredibly important to choose a dedicated server hosting company that is designed to handle the amount of business or personal web traffic needed to run your site well.

Where Are the Dedicated Server Hosting Computers?

Most dedicated server hosts house their computer banks at a central location, usually either a "server farm" or a large office space. It is possible for small hosting businesses (including home-based ones) to set up servers in their own homes using a high-speed connection. However, this typically costs more than just paying for a monthly rental fee. Another option is "collocation," meaning that the server computer is moved to the dedicated server hosting site and utilized from that location.

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