Dedicated Web Hosting

Written by Sierra Rein
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A dedicated web hosting server is a machine that is committed to process the traffic going to a website. One web hosting server can even be dedicated to a number of different websites at one time. Using a dedicated server saves costs involved in keeping the security system, connection, router, and network administration functioning properly.

A dedicated web hosting company offers the chance for customers to rent a block of memory and bandwidth within a computer hard drive. Sometimes, this rented space can then be rented out to third-party companies for their own websites. Most companies that offer dedicated web hosting also offer other services, like a domain name system, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) abilities, and email interfaces.

It is more common for large websites to require a dedicated web hosting server to make sure their websites are working. Small websites with lower traffic rates do not usually need a dedicated server to exist. However, if a small or medium-sized website begins to grow, it may need to purchase rental rights to a dedicated web hosting server to make way for future expansion.

Another Version of Dedicated Web Hosting

Collocation is another version of a dedicated web hosting server. A collocated server sits with the other computers in the same room as other servers; the only difference is that the user owns a collocated server. This type of server is incredibly useful for large companies demanding fast, advanced, and more reliable service than most regular dedicated web hosting services can offer.

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