Domain Locking

Written by Sierra Rein
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Unfortunately, there have been many unethical practices perpetrated upon domain name owners. For example, some have been the victim of a practice called "slamming," during which fake bills were sent to domain name owners asking for payment; otherwise, they said, the domain itself will have to be shut down. When the domain owners sent payment and registration info to these fake billing companies, they would later notice that their website was suddenly registered to a different web hosting company.

Another unethical practice is to take the slammed domain name and actually sell it to another interested party. This is called domain name hijacking and can be extremely frustrating to a hard-working domain name owner. It can also be incredibly damaging to an ecommerce business and can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in lawsuits and lost business incomes.

What Is Domain Locking for a Website?

Domain locking is a service offered by most website hosting companies that prevents the above scams from taking place. By locking a domain, the server prevents anyone but the administrator from making any changes or transfers. An administer, or an authorized and trusted individual, must log in to the account with a secure password before he or she can unlock the domain and make any changes.

If your current registrar does not offer domain locking, it may be a good idea to transfer your domain name to one that does. This will ensure that slamming and other hijacking problems do not occur. In addition, never give out your registration and DNS information to anyone other than your most trusted business partners and professional web designers.

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