Domain Masking

Written by Sierra Rein
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Domain masking is a very easy and useful service to use for any website, personal or professional. It basically allows a domain name owner to protect the actual address of his website. The content of the site is still visible to the web surfer; only he sees the forwarded address in the browser address bar instead.

Combined with domain forwarding, domain masking can improve the overall appearance of a website and make it more attractive to the average eye. A potential customer or business partner will be more likely to respond in a positive manner if he or she sees a company website that is well put together and professional. Domain masking (also known as "cloaking") will create this illusion until the owner is ready to move his entire website to a different server location.

Domain masking usually costs a small yearly fee and can be ordered at any time of the year. The service is usually purchased directly through the web hosting company. If your current hosting company does not offer mask options, you may wish to move your site to a different host.

What to Do in Addition to Domain Masking

One can also use a Mask Meta Tag feature to improve the site's search engine ranking. By imputing the title, description, and major keywords into the Mask Meta Tags, a website designer can increase traffic to the site regardless of how the URL is displayed in the address bar. This is a very smart move for small businesses with minimal websites wanting to increase sales, visibility, and market power.

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