Domain Name Cost

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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The domain name cost has a direct effect on whether you are willing to make the plunge into e-commerce. Spending thousands of dollars to test your theory that the web could improve your business objectives isn't a sound decision. Now, if you could purchase a domain for fewer than ten dollars your attitude would surely change.

Invest in Several Domains

Luckily, the price of domain names have decreased substantially. For this reason and others, many more people are migrating to the internet in search of new business opportunities. Buying one or more sites for a nominal investment can bring in thousands of dollars of new revenue.

The domain name cost is determined by a few factors. First, whether you choose to invest in a one, two or three year contract will affect the end price of the URL. If you plan on maintaining your site for several years, the three-year package is the most cost-effective solution.

Domain Name Cost Explained

The type of domain you purchase will also change the price. Top level domains or TLDs such as .com are more expensive than one ending in .biz or .edu. Your business type will determine which of these domains will work more successfully for you.

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