Domain Name Packages

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Domain name packages make it easy to manage one or multiple domain names by providing additional services. Every business, regardless of size, will eventually see the need for a website to advertise their products or services or just provide information. Registering a domain name and packaging it with other hosting provider services will make the transition quick and painless.

Types of Domain Name Packages

Even if you only have one domain name there are features such as renewal and hosting service that can be taken advantage of. Additionally, domain name providers can also offer redirecting services in order to ensure all online surfers visit your main website. For any internet need, a domain company will either offer the service or find ways to deliver on the demand as they hope to retain business.

Multiple Domain Names

To examine how a redirecting service or mirror site function will work, let's look at a fictitious company called Bob's Used Autos. The owner has realized that he can attract many clients by promoting specials and deals on his website, What he has also realized is that some potential buyers that visit him in person say they have been unable to find the website because it does not match the name of the business.

In order to effectively manage the online operations and reach more customers it would be wise to sign up additional domain names and make use of domain name packages. With forwarding and masking features, all visitors to the other domain names will be redirected to the main site and be able to view the main web page. To learn more about other packages follow the link on this page.

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