Domain Name Registry

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Start with a Domain Name Registry

The domain name registry process has become cheaper and more user-friendly since the induction of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Since then, bringing your business to the web requires little overhead and a small time investment. Everything from domain name purchase to hosting and design to web traffic analysis is available in pre-packaged formats.

Domain name registry can be performed online in a matter of minutes. Browse through any database of domain names using simple search functionality. Since all domain registrars are monitored through ICANN, each site is completely up to date with accurate information.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

After the purchase of your IP address you'll need to select a hosting service. The hosting service is responsible for storing your web pages on the internet and allowing visitors to access your data. Without a hosting service your domain name is obsolete.

Design and traffic analysis can help push you past your competition. With professional design templates and traffic boosting initiatives, you can begin to see a drastic increase in your margin of profit. With very little investment you can enjoy more customers, stronger retention and additional revenues.

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