Domain Name Renewals

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you have ever purchased and registered a domain name, there will come a time when you will need to renew it. By renewing a domain name, the owner reclaims the right to use it for web use. Indeed, even if the domain owner never puts a website up through the domain name, he or she still claims rights to it after renewing it.

It is very easy to perform domain name renewals, especially if the registrar offers an easy form to fill out. Most registrars allow their customers to renew domain names to last up to ten years, and to receive a discount when they renew for multiple years. This is great news for people and businesses wishing to keep their domain names for a long period of time.

Domain name renewals must be performed on time; otherwise, an outside party may claim the names for their own use. Most registrars will send out 30 day, seven day, and day of renewal notices before the due date. It is thus extremely important to keep all contact information (emails, phone number, or address) up to date. If you need to remember exactly when the registration due date is, contact the registrar early and make a note in your calendar.

Make Domain Name Renewals by Transferring Them

In the past, most .com, .net, and .org websites were registered through one company. In recent years, however, the market freed up this monopoly and allowed other companies to compete for customer's website dollars. A domain name owner can transfer his or her website from one registrar to another with minimal effort, save money throughout the year, enjoy better customer support, and renew the domain name all in one move.

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