Domain Name Searches

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are a number of different types of domain name searches. Some are meant to find out whether or not a specific domain name is owned by another party. Others are designed to discover who owns certain domain names and to figure out when these names are up for renewal.

Using a domain name search engine, anyone can find out information regarding the ownership rights to a particular domain. The information gleaned from domain name searches can be utilized for a number of different purposes. It may be to contact the original owner regarding a business partnership, or to ask if the domain name in question is going to be used in the future.

Domain name searches are also used to research possible scams. An email containing a particular website name can be looked into to verify the actual owner and administrative power. If the names do not match, there is a possibility that a fraudulent email has been received.

Domain Name Searches in Auction Blocks

Another reason to perform a domain name search is to find out which popular domain names are up for auction. A name that has a lot of bidders is bound to be a very profitable and exciting one, and can mean a lot for a business if it fits the company profile and image. If played right, an auction win can mean years of ecommerce success and prosperity. However, it is up to the company marketing team to perform the right domain name searches to find the right auction in the first place.

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