Domain Parking

Written by Sierra Rein
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The process of domain parking is essential for the existence of all the websites currently on the World Wide Web. In Internet terms, "parking" a domain name means that the domain is connected directly to an IP address. Without doing so, a website can not be viewed by the public.

Domain parking basically ensures that a domain name is reserved without having to build a website yet. The DNS server holds the domain name until the website is ready to be uploaded. The name will be ready at any time after the parking process is finished.

Some registrars charge an extra fee to park a domain name at an IP address. Others choose to add a parking service to the cost of a packaged deal. Most registrars offer the use of a "construction page" to put up in lieu of a home page while the website is being designed and built.

What Happens After Domain Parking?

Once a domain is parked, it can basically stay at a server indefinitely. However, if the domain name owner wishes to move the domain to a different registrar server, he or she must request a transfer from his or her old registrar to a new one. In addition, one can also purchase a forwarding service from the registrar to guide a visitor from the parked domain name to another, separate server instead.

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