Domain Transfer

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Domain transfer can help you shift your website from one location to another. In the case that your first domain name doesn't satisfy your business objectives, you could purchase another. Since the price of domain names are so inexpensive, buying several domains can only increase your website traffic.

Domain Transfer Made Simple

If you choose to change your URL, there are several options you can take. First, you can swamp all of your internet files from one domain to another. This project will be a lot easier if you stay within the same hosting service.

Secondly, you could forward one domain to the other. This would require you keep both domain names registered to your organization, but there would be very little work involved and your time investment would be minimal. Another reason to forward your domain is the added traffic can have significant influence on your web profitability.

Use a Full Service Support Team

Domain transfer is not the painstaking process it's made out to be. If you currently utilize a full-service hosting support team, they can have your new site up in running in no time. To learn more about transitioning a domain, click on the link above.

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