Easy Domain Name Registration

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Easy domain name registration is partially responsible for the influx of domain purchases over the last decade. If reserving a URL and uploading a website were difficult, there would be far fewer websites stationed on the web. Advanced technology and click-to-build functionality has enabled even non-technical people the chance of building their own site.

The Steps to Easy Domain Name Registration

There are only a few steps in easy domain name registration. First, visit an online registrar of domain names. Once there, do a quick search for the URL of your choice. Keep in mind the popularity of the internet has made it more difficult to find available, generic domains.

Once you've decided on an available domain, continue with the registration process. Pay by any major credit card to complete the transaction. All registrars use the latest security technology to ensure your payment information is protected.

The Renewal Process

Whether you choose a one, two or three year registration, don't forget about your renewal. Thousands of people are looking to register a domain name, and if yours appears on the expired list for even a few minutes, you run the risk of losing it. Ask your registrar about auto-renewal options.

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