Email Forwarding

Written by Sierra Rein
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Email forwarding is a very useful type of online service for anyone who has a pre-existing email account. This service allows the emails delivered to this account to be copied and forwarded to another account. One can order email forwarding services from most regular online hosting or domain registration companies.

Some email forwarding services allow any emails containing the domain name (for example, or to be sent to one email account. This is great if the web hosting company allows their customers a limitless number of email addresses within one domain. This feature can also allow a website to look and function in a more professional manner.

One can even modify an email forwarding profile so that the forwarding address is not visible to the receiving party. Once the "reply to" address setting in the email program preference is changed, all sent emails can appear as though they were sent directly from the domain name server itself. Most web-based email accounts also provide online help guides to aid in making this setting function properly.

Autorespond Services as Part of Email Forwarding

Another aspect of email forwarding is to set up an autorespond service. The process of autoresponding takes place when a reply email is instantly sent to any incoming message. Specific autorespond messages can be set for specific receiving email addresses, or one reply message can be written for all that come in. This service can be used to send out "thank you's" to new customers, an acknowledgment on receiving a question or comment, or a reminder regarding new products, services, or discontinuations.

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