Expired Domain Names

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Expired domain names could contain the URL you've been looking for. Many people purchased multiple domain names when the internet boom first hit. Since then, some of the sites have been sold and others have expired. Unless the contract is renewed on an annual basis, the domain goes back into the bank and is available for purchase.

How Many Expired Domain Names Are There?

The list of expired domain names is lengthy. Almost 100,000 website addresses have been used and discarded. Your dream domain could be among those.

Digging profitable names out of this lengthy expired list can be time consuming. The list is updated daily making it even more difficult to carefully analyze name availability. There is another way you can acquire the name of your choice without a lot of work.

Email Notification

Setting up an automatic monitoring system will send you email notification of the status of those names you are interested in. When you ask the database to send you an email, the minute the website is up for sale you can elbow out the competition. Taking advantage of someone else's lack of attention could become very profitable.

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