Fax Through Email

Written by Sierra Rein
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Until recently, people felt almost chained to their fax machines. Today, however, alternative technologies have allowed both individuals and businesses to receive and send faxes directly through their computer. They can do so through email programs and through any computer connected to the Internet.

The most effective kind of fax through email service utilizes a combination of email and fax numbers to create an integrated online system. A customer first signs up for a monthly service and pays a small cost for a certain number of faxing minutes per month. His or her name and email address is given a specialized fax number and a new email address that can be used to receive faxes. The online system is used to process and reroute faxes to and from the email address.

How a Fax Through Email System Can Work

Once this account is set up, a customer can use either the online program or an email client to send a fax. Once they log in, the online program offers customers the chance to fill out an internet form with the recipient's fax number, cover sheet information, and then upload the actual files to fax. The customer can also log in and view his or her fax history,

Within a client program, similar information can be typed into the "To," "From," and "Subject" lines in a new message window. The recipient's number is inputted into the subject line, the fax account email into the "From" line, and the online fax email address into the "To" line. The file they wish to send is attached directly to the email itself and sent through the fax through email online system to the recipient's fax machine.

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