Free Starter Web Pages

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the most difficult challenges to any owner of a newly bought domain name is to get some sort of presence on the Internet as soon as possible. However, quality, custom-made websites take a lot of time to organize, design, and encode. It is a good idea for beginners to find a company that offers free starter web pages.

A starter web page is typically built using an online template. The customer can either download this template and fill in the HTML himself (if he understands the coding language) or type into an online form with all the necessary information. The web-based template will create the HTML coding, which can be uploaded to the Internet through either an FTP (File Transport Protocol) program or an online uploading system.

It is best to put the most essential pieces of information on these free starter web pages. There will not be enough room to expand on too many topics. A website owner should narrow the information on his or her starter page to a short "about" section, any contact emails and numbers, important links, and a few simple graphics to make the page attractive and noticeable. It should also include a note explaining that an entirely new site will be uploaded and ready by a certain date in the future.

Other Services in Addition to Free Starter Web Pages

Many web-hosting companies also offer a number of other online web-enhancements to complement the free starter web pages. Some include access to thousands of stock images to make the design process easier, while others include spell checking assistance, spam and virus protection programs, and photo album services. Many also give their customers the ability to add more pages to their free starter sites for an additional monthly fee.

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