Personal Domain Names

Written by Sierra Rein
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Personal domain names are great sources of pride and enjoyment to their owners. By owning a personal domain name, an individual claims and creates his or her identity on the Internet. Luckily, it is as easy to purchase a personalized domain address through a website registration company as it is to buy a business-related domain name.

Unfortunately, individuals with very popular names (John Smith, for example) may have a tough time registering their own personal domain name. In these cases, it may be a good idea for them to find different permutations of their name or include their middle names instead (,, or Another idea is to choose a domain name that speaks to the personality or career goals of the individual ( or

If there is a personal domain name that is up for renewal, and if the original owner fails to process the renewal order, it is possible to purchase it from under them. One popular method is to hire a backorder registration company, which tracks personal domain names and legally grabs them for their customers once the registration period is over. The backorder company contacts their clients to tell them the good news of their new domain name ownership.

A Direct Way to Obtain Personal Domain Names

Another idea is to contact the domain name owner and offer to buy the rights to the domain name from him or her. However, those who go through this route should be prepared to offer a high bidding price, as few people like to sell their personal domain names to others. Some domain name owners have sold their registered site names for tens of thousands of dollars. However, if it is a particularly good name, and if the new owner can put it to good business use, the price is bound to pay off in the end.

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