Private Domain Name Registration

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Private domain name registration is becoming more popular as privacy concerns are continually raised about internet activity. Without the necessary security measures, submitting payment information or any personal identification data about you via the web is risky. If that information gets in to the wrong hands it could be detrimental to your well being.

Compliant Private Domain Name Registration

As the concern about personal privacy grows more fierce, companies are trying their best to accommodate consumers. Domain registrars are now offering private domain name registration options. Still compliant with ICANN regulations, you can purchase a domain name without disclosing your information to the public.

The registrar in these cases assumes legal ownership of the domain. When someone visits a domain bank to find out who the rightful owner of your site is, the registrar's name comes up in lieu of your mailing address and phone number. This protects you from being contacted, or your name being added to a spam mailing list.

Rules and Restrictions

While the registrar accepts this responsibility for you, there are restrictions you must abide by. The use of spam or morally objectionable content is strongly prohibited. As the legal owner of the site, the registrar is responsible for the content in your domain name. If this responsibility is compromised you run the risk of losing your domain name.

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