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Written by Sierra Rein
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In order to publish websites in today's world, all you need is a computer, a few choice software titles, and a connection to the Internet. However, most people are still unsure how to use text and HTML editors, FTP applications, and graphics converters to actually publish websites of their very own. Before attempting to self-publish, every future domain name owner should become more educated on how websites are created and published.

The first thing to consider when publishing websites is to find a good registration and web hosting company to order publishing services from. It is essential to purchase service server space through a reputable hosting company, and to buy enough to handle the traffic and email demands necessary for a functioning website. If the published website is meant for a growing ecommerce company, the decision of a web host can make a great deal of difference.

The next thing to take into account is how to design and encode the HTML, php, and xml pages that the websites will consist of. Many individuals have the computer know-how to use what are called "wysiwig" editors, or software applications that enable the viewer to see on the screen exactly what the website will look like once it is published. However, professional companies and ecommerce businesses often hire highly experienced web designers who a talent for creating unique graphics and customized pages.

Publish Websites Through Online Templates

Another way to publish websites is to use online editors offered to customers by web hosting companies. These companies set up pre-designed templates in a variety of different themes, colors, and layouts. A domain name owner will then be able to choose colors, upload pictures, type in text and then click a few buttons to publish his or her website.

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