Purchase Domain Names

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Searching On the Web

To purchase domain names you need only an internet connection. From there you can search through a database of available possibilities. You'll also see which names have been taken and who the respective owners are.

Without the domain name system or DNS, web surfers would not be able to reach their intended sites. This post-office like system has helped boost the internet in the world's number one information resource. If you are in the market to purchase domain names, use the information below to help influence your decision.

How to Purchase Domain Names

There are several types of domain names. Top Level Domains (TLDs), Country Level Domains and alternative domain names are just some of the possibilities you have in the purchasing process. One example of a TLD is .com. This domain name is short for commercial and is the most widely used domain name on the web today.

Country level domains help identify where the organization is coming from. A London-based business may have a domain name that ends in .uk. Before you even visit their site you know the location of the company. Alternative domains are growing in popularity simply because of the abundance of businesses building sites. As more domain names are purchased each day, many people and companies opt for these alternatives.

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