Register Domains By Proxy

Written by Jessica Duquette
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To register domains by proxy you'll need to find a registrar willing to pose as owner of a domain name. Many registrars insist that when you purchase a domain your contact information is included. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has made it a requirement that every used domain name is affiliated with an owner.

Protect Your Privacy

One of the biggest concerns about the growth of the internet is people's lack of privacy. With computer hackers, credit card fraud and other breaches in security, people are becoming hesitant to put their personal information out over the web. In an effort to answer these concerns, some domain registrars have willingly accepted this responsibility.

While ICANN insists that each domain have a relative owner, they did not say that service providers can't assume ownership. This allows consumers to purchase a domain name without their personal information being disclosed. If you'd like to maintain your privacy, register domains by proxy.

Restrictions to Register Domains by Proxy

There are certain regulations that accompany the benefit of privacy. First, you are not allowed to transmit spam or unwanted advertising campaigns. Secondly, copyright infringement is not tolerated and will not be protected under proxy domains. Finally, illegal or objectionable activity is grounds for domain termination.

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