Registering Domain Names

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Registering domain names may be a small part of any web management plan but is essential to keeping a presence online. Having a great website that receives 3,000 monthly hits is fantastic but what happens if the domain name is unavailable or expires? Managing the website and a business is hard enough without having to worry about the web domain name becoming extinct.

Website Management

The responsibility of maintaining a website usually falls on the marketing department or the webmaster if the company employs one. Normally this involves updating press releases, making the site easy to navigate or adding new content. While registering domain names is not a difficult task, it is one that may go overlooked if not routinely checked.

That is why finding a domain name registration provider that tracks all websites and their status is so important. Taking advantage of this additional option can allow creative people to focus on more important tasks than handling the administrative burden of managing domain name registrations. And the great part is that this service can be provided for free or for a small charge by the domain name provider.

Registering Domain Names In Minutes

Your CEO has just informed the company that they have decided on a new marketing campaign and will include new website addresses as part of the initiative. You are told to secure the domain names and get the links up and running as soon as possible. By visiting a domain name search site you see that the names are available and after a few short clicks you have locked up the names and impressed your bosses in the process.

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