Search Engine Optimization Services

Written by Sierra Rein
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Search engine optimization is the key ingredient to the success of a web-based company or ecommerce site. After all, 91 percent of all internet surfers use search engines to travel throughout the Web. Plus, only 15 percent of these surfers actually look past the first 40 hits on top search engine results.

Optimizing a site for a search engine merely means that the site is made search engine friendly. Search engine optimization services (otherwise known as SEO services) are offered by many companies to help their clients build a site that is attractive to the top 20 search engines. An SEO service can work with the client's web designer and come up with several additions and a few subtractions to the site to make it rise in rank and come to the top with every relevant keyword search.

Types of Search Engine Optimization Services

The simplest form of search engine optimization services is to strengthen the content of the sites to include common keywords that are more likely to be recognized by search engines. A few pages of truly useful content can be both informative to the customer and will be more likely to be picked up by the engines themselves. In addition, search engine optimization services can work with the HTML pages themselves and work to change the "meta tags" within them (namely, the page "title" and "description" tags).

Another type of SEO services is engine site submission. By submitting a website directly to the search engine databases, it is more likely to come up on the top of the results list. SEO services can also contact other related websites and create what are called "reciprocal links," which provide connections to a site that also links back to the original site, thus allowing for a higher search engine ranking. Finally, search engine optimization services can also take a look at a site and remove any integrated technologies or coding that may interfere with search engine spiders.

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