Small Business Domains

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the smartest marketing moves a small business can make is to create a website. Of course, this means choosing a business domain name. Before deciding upon a small business domain, it is important that the company or marketing manager perform a bit of research and follows these important domain name tips.

Small business domains should be short, simple, and memorable. However, due to the fact that a small business might grow into other developments, it is best that the domain name be non-specific to a particular area of expertise. Choose domain names that best represent the mission and image of the company as a whole, and try to shy away from numbers, hyphens, and other confusing symbols. If the company name is very long or hard to spell, consider using abbreviations or acronyms in the domain name.

When purchasing small business domains, it is essential that a small business also purchase the other Top Level Domains (TLDs), meaning the .net, .org, and .com variants. This will encapsulate the online presence of the company and will ensure that no confusion with other companies arises in the future. This is particularly important if the small company has plans to grow and develop into a mid-size or large business. Special care must be taken to renew all the small business domains every period; otherwise, a competing company may steal the names for their own use.

Managing Small Business Domains

If multiple small business domains are purchased at once, it is a good idea to park them all at one web hosting server. This will make it easier to manage and administer changes to the sites and will establish one connection of communication between the company and the domain name host. This plan will also help when the need to transfer, change, renew, or auto forward any domains comes up.

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