Us Domain Names

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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US domain names are one example of country level domains. Each country is assigned its own extension. .US signifies the United States whereas .UK is the United Kingdom's extension. These domains have been added to the internet directory in an effort to expand URL possibilities.

Can't Find the Right URL?

With millions of people moving to the internet, many preferred domain names have been taken. In some cases businesses find it difficult to reserve a URL that reflects their organization. With the advent of .NET, many companies who couldn't get a .COM domain chose to register for the same URL with a different extension. (i.e. A business that wanted may have later purchased

While this does cause some confusion among surfers, the percentage of visitors is higher than if the company had chosen an ambiguous URL. Another way to steer your prospects in the right direction is through online search engine listings. This can help eliminate confusion or misdirection.

How To Purchase US Domain Names

The same theory holds true for organizations that have purchased US domain names. They can now have a more comprehensive URL with the .US extension. If you're interested in purchasing a US extension, click on the link above for more information.

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