Web Addresses

Written by Sierra Rein
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The key characteristics of a web address are its uniqueness and the fact that one owner controls it at a time. Companies that wish to advertise and sell their wares and services, or merely provide information to the public can utilize web addresses effectively. Individuals who own web addresses can use them to create personal websites for friends and family to view as well.

Indeed, owning a web address gives an entity a special presence on the Internet, one that can be controlled and manipulated to fit its unique needs. Anyone can purchase a web address, as long as it is available and does not violate copyright laws. Web addresses are bought (or "registered") through a registration company (or "registrar) and parked at a web hosting company.

A large percentage of registrars also work as web hosting companies, making the entire process of getting a website set up even easier. Many registrars offer packaged deals when multiple services are acquired at one time. Luckily, the annual costs of maintaining the rights to a web address are very affordable, and can be a great investment for a small or medium-size business seeking to create some kind of marketing presence on the World Wide Web.

Who Controls the Web Addresses Out There?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAAN) is a non-profit organization that coordinates the use and assignment of Internet-based web addresses, IP address numbers, port numbers, and protocol parameters. All issues surrounding web address disputes, registrar service complaints, and incorrect WhoIs entries can be logged with the ICANN over the Internet. The ICANN is also in charge of the Internet's root server system, which must be kept stable and in good operation 24 hours a day.

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