Web Domain Registration

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Web domain registration and hosting is user-friendly and affordable. A decade ago, building and maintaining a website required a full-time IT staff and webmaster. With recent technological advances, even non-technical people can create a profit-building site.

Step One in Web Domain Registration

The first part in successfully bringing your business to the internet is web domain registration. You need to determine which IP address and corresponding domain name is best suited for your business. This could be part of your company's name or the category of products or services you're looking to sell.

Brainstorm First

Draft several ideas. With the popularity of the internet still on the rise, your first choice of domain name may not be available. Parsing through available names is as easy as running a report from a database.

Once your results are returned and you're satisfied with your selection, you can continue through the process of purchasing your domain name. One to three year contracts are available for a small investment. After you've finalized those details, the domain name is yours and you can begin uploading your web pages immediately.

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