Web Domains

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Web domains are the foundation for the Domain Name System that organizes the internet. Without this system in place, web surfers would not be able to navigate as easy as they do throughout the millions of pages of content. This virtual postal system has made an enormous contribution to the popularity and success of the internet.

Web Domains and Extensions

Web domains come with several extensions. .COM, .ORG, and .NET are among the top level domains or TLDs. These are frequently used by companies and organized groups.

If you can't find a TLD that fits your needs, you could search for alternative domain extensions such as .BIZ or .INFO. By using these you may be able to purchase the domain name of your choice. Domain names and IP addresses are also distributed on a country level.

Country Level Domains

.US is symbolic of American-based businesses. Similarly, other countries such as the United Kingdom and Denmark utilize country-specific extensions such as .UK or .DE. To begin browsing through an online database of available domain names, click on the link above.

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