Web Site Address

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Why You Need a Web Site Address

A web site address is the easiest way for your prospective customers to read about your company, its products and services. Without posting information on the web, your competition could be acquiring customers that may have utilized your services. Keeping ahead of the competition through web promotion is now affordable.

You can purchase a web site address through an online domain bank. Using a comprehensive online database, you can sift through expired domains as well as all unused addresses. Once you have decided on a URL you want, simply proceed with the purchase process using a major credit card.

Hosting Packages

Once you have the IP address you'll still need to purchase a hosting package in order to activate your website. A hosting company stores the data included in the website pages. By storing this information, visitors can go to your site and download the data provided within those pages.

A hosting package normally includes one or more email accounts, a specified amount of disk space and an allotted amount of data transfer. The transfer of data is determined by the number and frequency of visitors. These services are grouped together and one flat fee is applied to each package.

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