Website Building

Written by Sierra Rein
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To a large majority of the public, the process behind website building is a mystery. However, websites are quite simple in their construction and only require an HTML text editor and an FTP program at the start of the process. In the past, websites were only available to companies and individuals with high incomes; today, high school students are able to afford and build their own sites for the public at large to see.

People who are new to website building have the opportunity to use online templates to create their pages. These templates can either be downloaded or manipulated through the web hosting company's design department. Those more adventurous are typically welcome to read up on HTML coding, then take these templates and choose an "advanced editing" mode to make more personal adjustments.

Many also take advantage of a number of "drag and drop" or HTML editing software programs capable of inserting HTML and other coding commands directly into the web files. These types of programs will help to create a professional-looking site with a minimum of effort, and will cut down on typing time as well. In all cases, it is a good idea to invest in the overall look and functionality of a website, especially if a professional image is in demand.

Website Building for Ecommerce and Large Business Sites

Website HTML coding and scripting becomes more complex once shopping cart software, financial transactions, flash, searches, PHP, XML, and other types of website features come into play. Large companies, or any business interested in selling products online, should contact a professional website building firm. A web design and construction company will know how to recognize business needs and create a website that is secure, attractive, navigable, and customer-friendly.

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