Website Names

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Website names play a critical role in the ebb and flow of traffic you receive. The more obscure your web address, the less of a chance you have of attracting steady visitors. Regardless of whether you use your site as an informational resource or as a forum for e-commerce transactions, your address can make or break your success.

Don't Wait Around for Website Names

If your first-choice website names are taken, I encourage you to purchase your second or third choices rather than waiting for your preferred URL to be released. In the meantime you can build your business on another address and eventually transfer the domain should your first-choice domain be released. If you find yourself settling on a less than perfect domain, there are still other options you have for boosting traffic.

Ask your hosting company about site optimization and analysis. Together, these two tools can help improve your current site. Additionally, you can invest in traffic essentials such as search engine listings. This will drive visitors to your site regardless of the ambiguity of your domain name.

Boosting Site Traffic

These traffic enhancing tools are well worth the investment if you have to settle on a domain name. Since most surfers use internet search engines such as Google on a regular basis to locate information, your presence their will easily make up for your URL. To read more about website traffic strategies, click on the link above.

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