Website Templates

Written by Sierra Rein
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A template is defined as a pattern or model that defines the basic shape or form for any operation or procedure. When used in conjunction with website building, a template is a pre-determined collection of HTML files and graphics that can be used to instantly publish a person's home page. Site builders who are new to the design process utilize website templates, as do companies eager to get a simple, straightforward site up and running on the Internet in a timely manner.

Website templates are meant as standardized "skeletons" to be modified and changed to meet the website owner's unique needs and demands. Most templates include navigation buttons or links, content areas, thematic colors and graphics, and areas to input identifying words, names, titles, and contact information. These customized pieces can either be inputted by the web designer directly into the HTML code itself, or edited through an HTML editing program.

Another type of website template is offered by many web design and hosting companies. These templates can be built from scratch through a website form based on the particular preferences of the domain owner. The owner simply selects a few options, files through a few color and thematic schemes, and inputs the information he or she wishes to have in certain boxes. The online website correlates this information and outputs the HTML code for the owner to use.

Using Website Templates as Content Pages

One of the best uses for website templates is to create a consistent overall look to the entire site itself. Once a web designer creates a basic look that the domain owner likes, he or she can then apply the same structure to every single content page thereafter. Small changes like titles, graphics, text, and unique links can be adjusted to meet the demands required of each page. This can save a lot of time and effort on the part of the website designer, and can make the website building process easy for incoming designers as well.

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