Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Autoresponders are a remarkable marketing tool when used properly. If you are looking to expand your online business, you need to explore all the possibilities inherent in autoresponders. Start with the basics, then add more creative tactics as you become comfortable with autoresponse.

Autoresponders and Marketing Newbies

If you don't know much about marketing, but you have something of value to sell online, I suggest two things. First, hire a marketing company to help you set up your eCommerce basics, like your eCommerce shopping carts, autoresponders, newsletters, opt in lists, and so on. Don't worry, many of these services are shockingly inexpensive. They may sound like the kinds of services only the biggest corporations could afford, but they are in fact accessible and necessary to all.

Second, I recommend that you start learning about online marketing. Get yourself a How-To book, or learn about it through eLearning. If the marketing company you choose has a good website or a good customer service department, take advantage of that! They should be eager to share tips and strategies with you, their client.

One of the first things you'll want to do is set up an autoresponse for all purchases. If someone makes a purchase through your online business, you have to follow up on that purchase. Keeping the clients you have already made will be the foundation of your success.

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