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Written by Patricia Skinner
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There's no underestimating how important it is to get the formula exactly right for catalogs online. In the same way that if you walked into a real time store and found it manned by an eccentric looking person who didn't seem to understand what you wanted, you probably wouldn't feel secure about buying, a website that doesn't foster a feeling of security in visitors is probably going to waste a lot of opportunities. So what can you do to make your website ooze reliability and professionalism?

Creating Catalogs Online

First, make sure that every single page of your website works and shows your best face to the world. If you don't find your website impressive, chances are no one else will either. Establishing catalogs online is not that much different from a hard copy catalog. You need high quality photography along with text created by a professional.

If your online catalog merely describes an item in a few dry words, then you're missing the point. Online catalogs are a wonderful opportunity to inspire your customers to buy. You can infuse the online catalog with the personality of your products, or your personality, or a combination of the two. Make reading through your online catalog as interesting as possible.

Getting inside your customer's head is a great way of getting your message across. Input from customers is also an excellent way of judging whether you've got your formula right or not. Ultimately though, you'll know for sure whether it's effective because catalogs online tend to judge themselves by the amount of business they bring in!

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