Written by Stacy Chbosky
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For writers and publishers, eBooks are truly a blessing. Publishing a book online is a relatively inexpensive and easy process. Publishing a book on a printing press, on the other hand, is difficult and prohibitively expensive.

EBooks and Credibility

Have you ever seen books of poetry, fiction or philosophy published by a small press? Frankly, they usually look like the ravings of a lunatic. Typos, cheap and pulpy paper, bad bindings and crummy covers serve only to make these books look terrible. It takes the credibility right out of the content.

I remember I once bought a book about healthy fasting, published by a small press. I was eager to try fasting, but after I really looked at the cheap book filled with spelling errors, I decided I couldn't trust any advice being offered up by a book like this. If you have something important to say, whether it's about religion, health, society or technology, don't say it via a small press. No one will listen.

EBooks, on the other hand, are even more inexpensive to create, yet they impart a feeling of real quality. EBooks can be trusted. Of course, creating the online shopping carts and marketing tools necessary to sell these books can be tough. Choose the company to set up your shopping cart systems wisely, and you should be up and running very soon, for very little money.

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