Media Monitoring Services

Written by Rylee Newton
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Media monitoring services provide a steady flow of audio, visual, and printed material in which the client is mentioned. In the past, the process of monitoring media outlets was very time consuming. Monitoring companies poured over hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of printed materials and audio or visual materials, searching for mentions of the client. Today, monitoring the media has been broken down into a science, thanks to advanced scanning methods and the rise in popularity of the Internet.

Why Search Engines Don't Work

If you're like me, you've logged onto a search engine like, and performed a vanity search. A vanity search is when you enter your name or the name of your company on a search engine. The results page provides you with a list of websites, message boards and news groups that mention your name.

Unfortunately, performing a vanity search only provides a limited amount of returns. In addition, content may not be updated every day, and links are often broken or missing in the results pages. All told, you simply cannot get an accurate listing of web content using search engines alone. If you really want to know what people are saying about you, you need to hire a media monitoring service.

One of the main reasons media monitoring services find so many more results is because they know how to manipulate the search terms to produce the greatest number of results. This is accomplished using Boolean search terms and advanced filtering devices. When you consider how much information is added online every single day, it just makes sense to leave it to a professional clipping service.

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