Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For some reason, hearing that they have to have a "merchant account" alarms many people setting up a business online more than any other aspect of online business. We're happy to tell you that a merchant account is nothing to get alarmed about, and if you pick the right company to help you, there's certainly nothing complicated about it. So, why do you need a merchant account?

The simple answer is that over 85 percent of all online business transactions are done using credit card payment. A merchant account will enable your online business to accept those credit card payments, safely and securely. The safety aspect is for you and your client's benefit. It is essential that customers feel that their credit card information is safe when they do business online. This safety aspect can mean life or death to online businesses.

You Need A Good Merchant Account

Getting a merchant account is not nearly as difficult as it once was. If you're just beginning on the Internet, be sure that you pick a company that can offer you "no monthly minimum." Otherwise you might find that you're paying exorbitant fees to begin with, while you've got hardly any revenue to offset the expense.

Do make sure that your merchant account will enable you to accept all major credit cards, and not just a select one or two. This is important to make your business as accessible as possible to as many people as you can. Limitations in your merchant account will lead to disappointment for your customers, and frustration for you.

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