Merchant Processing

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If every customer who entered his credit card information into your website was above board, merchant processing would be easy. Unfortunately, invalid transactions are a way of life. So are charge-backs. These types of orders can be particularly troubling if you package and ship your products through a third party.

Good merchant processing needs to protect you, the merchant, from invalid credit cards and cancelled orders. Ideally, this merchant processing will also happen in real time. The faster the information is processed, the quicker the money will wind up in your merchant account. If you own a small business, getting your money as quickly as possible can make or break you.

Merchant Processing and Professional Processors

I suggest hiring a professional to handle your online ordering, payment services and marketing for you. A lot of small business owners buy very pricey shopping cart software with the intention of downloading it onto their home computers and doing it themselves. While I admire the independent spirit behind this intention, I think it can often lead to disaster.

Just like every other type of software out there, shopping cart software for credit card processing changes all the time. Keeping up with these changes isn't just a matter of being as fast or slick as you can be. It's a matter of staying compatible with your payment gateway and your customers' computers! There's no point to buying expensive software that will quickly be obsolete, when you could work through a professional's server, for a lot less money, and a lot more flexibility.

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