News Clips

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the best ways to gauge public opinion is to monitor the media through the use of news clips. News clipping services use search engines to monitor print, television, radio, and the Internet for mentions of your products and services. Clips generally include: the name of the original source, the date, and a brief overview of the context in which your company or product is mentioned. If you're working with an online clipping service, you should work with one that includes the link to the original story.

One of the main reasons companies and individuals hire news clipping services is to track industry-wide changes. A clipping service provides you with articles and special features that relate to your business or your field. Monitoring industry publications is a great way to find information on breaking stories, price fluctuations, customer complaints, and new developments.

News Clips for Health Care professionals

Many health care professionals benefit from hiring news clipping services. People in this field monitor medical advancements, pricing plans, improvements in science and technology, and trends in health care. While health care is a competitive field, it is also a collaborative field. In the long run, everyone benefits when health care professionals are well-informed.

Pharmaceutical companies in particular need to stay on top of media coverage of new drugs. The moment a negative report is published in the media, it needs to be addressed. Pharmaceutical companies have to react quickly to negative press, or they risk going out of business, or losing public trust.

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