Online Affiliate Marketing Programs

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Online affiliate marketing programs can be a great form of passive income. If you already sell products online through a website of your own, you can supplement your income by adding links for online affiliate marketing programs to your site. The prevailing wisdom holds that any company you support through online affiliate marketing programs should be a company you truly believe in, and one that you yourself use.

Free Online Affiliate Marketing Programs

Personally, I would never join an affiliate program that asked me for start-up money. Why should I have to pay to advertise someone else's product? The last I heard, companies paid others to advertise for them. The great thing about affiliate programs is that they are mutually beneficial. I've heard them described as win-win arrangements.

The company which works with affiliates gets its name and information out there to a brand new group of potential customers. These might include anyone who visits an affiliate's website, or anyone who receives an affiliate's emails. This marketing is an obvious "win" for the company.

The affiliates receive commissions if their link leads to a sale, or sometimes even if they lead to a hit. The commissions are often quite generous, too! Cookies ensure that the commissions are not one-time-only rewards, but are given for the life of that customer's relationship with the company.

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