Press Clippings

Written by Rylee Newton
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The Internet has become a powerful tool for disgruntled employees and customers. People all over the world have created websites to air complaints and claims about company policies, products, and corporate "scams." These websites are seen by millions of people every day, and they make their way into the press over time.

Disgruntled employees are a major source of concern for many companies. These people often feel that hiring and firing practices are unfair, and they post damaging comments online to seek revenge. These comments give your competition an advantage in the marketplace. In addition, they make it more difficult for you to find top contenders for open positions. It's important to identify the source of these comments, and refute them whenever possible.

Online Monitoring at the Grassroots Level

Many companies wait until it's too late to monitor the Internet for damaging comments. Rather than waiting for negative statements to make their way into the press, you need to monitor the Internet at the grassroots level. Some of the claims made on these sites are legitimate, while others are written with the intent of causing permanent and irreparable damage.

At the grassroots level, many organizations have created websites to expose corporate greed and misuse of power. While these consumer advocacy groups have a right to post their opinions and express their views online, you have a right to defend yourself. Many of the most damaging sites contain the word "sucks" in the URL. These sites list thousands of complaints, and the information often leads to press coverage of false or misleading information. If the comments reach the point of slander or defamation, you may even consider legal action.

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