Press Monitoring

Written by Rylee Newton
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Press monitoring companies track print, broadcast and web content. While it is still important to monitor content in traditional media applications, it's more important than ever to monitor online press activity. More than any other medium, the Internet has been a source for false reporting, rumors, and unfounded gossip.

Tracking Internet Buzz

According to recent statistics, the incidence of online smear campaigns is on the rise. Back in 1998, the Securities and Exchange Commission reported receiving at least two calls a day with complaints about smear campaigns online. That number continues to increase. Some estimates indicate that the Internet is growing by as much as two million pages per day. This number makes it next to impossible to monitor online activity without professional help.

Media analysts often discuss the power of online content in influencing consumers. Experts in the field have stated in no uncertain terms that buzz begins online. Some experts say this trend begin with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and has gained momentum ever since. If you want to make sure you company doesn't suffer the dire consequences of unsubstantiated, unfounded claims, you need to stay on top of media monitoring.

Monitoring internet buzz is difficult because it often begins in locations where the average researcher would never think to look. This information eventually filters down to more traditional media outlets, where it is viewed by millions of people all over the world. By the time buzz reaches these traditional locations, it may be too late to stop the steamroller effect.

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