Press Monitoring Services

Written by Rylee Newton
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When people speak of the press, they are usually referring to television news programs, local and national newspapers, and talk radio shows. With Internet usage at an all time high, it would be a huge mistake to underestimate the power and scope of online media organizations as well. While the press takes many forms, its influence cannot be denied.

One of the best ways to stimulate growth within your company is to hire a pubic relations firm. Public relations firms work directly with press monitoring services to get an idea of the current attitude toward your products and services, and to monitor your industry as a whole. Implementation of a PR campaign, and continued monitoring of media outlets usually follow this analysis.

The New Press
As I mentioned before, the Internet is a medium to be reckoned with. The Internet has practically redefined the term "the press." If you think about how many people read message boards and look at information on personal websites, you can't deny the scope and influence of the Internet.

Many press monitoring services provide links to websites and message boards that discuss and review your products. When you find content that is inaccurate, you can log onto these websites and defend your actions and your reputation. These websites also provide the kind of candid discussion that you often don't find in opinion polls and controlled studies. You can use the information on these sites to implement changes, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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