Recurring Billing

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Automatic recurring billing is such a blessing for folks who sell subscription products online. Perhaps you offer a subscription product such as membership to an online organization. You might offer teleclasses that can be paid for monthly. If you need to bill subscribers monthly, and you haven't automated the recurring billing process, you are wasting so much of your valuable time.

Recurring Billing for Teleteachers

Do you have something to teach? Are you considering teaching it online? I think eLearning is going to be a booming industry in the years to come. If you teach pottery, editing, yoga, nutrition, photography, mold removal, car repair or any other number of subjects, teleclasses can be a phenomenal way to earn passive income.

All the work goes into it upfront. Yes, you'll have to design the website, plan the curriculum and tape the classes. After that, however, the entire process can be automated. If you do live work as well, like coaching, consulting or mentoring, this can be a fabulous way to advertise your live services.

Do yourself a favor: hire a good eCommerce and eMarketing company to help you set up your recurring billing and other payment services. Get creative! Your shopping basket can be a fabulous way to gather information about your students, offer them coupons or incentives to return if they cancel their subscription, and so on. Look for an eMarketing company that is affordable, yet has been around for at least five years. When your business is new, it's best to work with others who are more firmly established.

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