What You Ought To Know To Make Money By Online About Banner Advertising

Written by incomedomination
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One of the most famous forms of online promotion to make money by online is banner advertising. After attaining high traffic to your site, the next thing to accomplish is displaying banners. These are images promoting goods, service, and websites. However, not all banners are suited all promotional needs. There are banners with specific functions. So, what are the types of banner advertising?

Banner Advertising Type #1 – Usual Banners
Banners are usually seen on top of the web page if the owner uses common banners. This banner is paid higher than other banner types and a good way to make money by online because it is the only banner present on the web site page. In addition, usual banners are sold through banner views or impressions even though sometimes, web site owners uses click-through. This is when visitors click the banner and redirected to another site for more details.

Banner Advertising Type #2 – Medallion Banners
Medallion banners are much modernized than common banners. These are the ones you see at the side of your web page as small advertisements in columns. Because there are many banners on a single page with medallion banners, website owners only use click-thru for selling the goods. Medallion banners are common with web magazines because page designers allow little room for content.

Banner Advertising Type #3 – Rotating and Static Banners
Rotating and static banners are two of the most in-demand banners today. With static banners, images stay the same even with each page load. On the other hand, rotating banners change in every page load. Between these two banners, rotating banners are the most effective in promoting products or services and let you make money by online.

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