Your Personal Online Cash Cow How To Make Money By Online

Written by incomedomination
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The media has continuously featured success stories on how simple citizens have managed to earn big amounts of money through blogging. Even Google used this as a strategy to target them by offering them commissions when they exceed their designated website traffic.

The idea of easy money still manages to put every individual into skepticism. And they can’t be blamed because the society was educated that hard earned money is good money and easy money is the root of all evil. However, though it was projected that by just mere blogging, you can get a hold of some cold cash, it actually entails a few steps.

There is Money in Blogging

•Online Advertising Programs. This type of program is an affordable discovery believe it or not. Don’t get thrown off with the word “advertising”. What make advertising expensive and demanding is the production costs that entails with it in an offline promotion. With online, words or key phrases are all needed.

•RSS advertising feeds. An innovative means of communication where all you need is a good internet connection and the basic HTML skill.

•Seek sponsorships for your campaigns.

•Come up with an affiliate program that not only guarantees awareness, it will eventually lead to sales/profit.

•Invest on digital assets such as eBooks, online courses and tele-seminars. You can offer them to potential clients.

•Come up with a blog network wherein you can write for them for a price or write with them for a third party.

•Go into merchandising where you can offer various products.

•Since writing for the people is one of the objectives, venturing into consulting and speaking engagements is not far behind. Start small.

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