Automated Backup Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Automated backup software essentially requires no user input once the software is set up. While some "automated" programs make use of tapes or discs for storing data, these still require that someone physically inserts the media. Truly automated backup software programs allow you to specify an archive location--whether it be another computer on the network or another hard drive in the same computer--and then think no more about it.

The most flexible backup programs allow you to set multiple rules for backing up your data. While you may want to back up your entire system on a daily basis, files that change more frequently can be put on their own schedules. You may even want to backup multiple copies of the same file throughout the course of the day, in case someone needs to undo changes that he or she already saved.

If you are running multiple computers on your network, you want to specify a time of day for backup operations that will not interfere with your employees' work. It may be convenient for you to backup your system while everyone is at lunch for the day or at the close of business. Some programs will even let you schedule backups remotely, which can be a lifesaver if something unexpected happens and you cannot make it into the office.

Protect Your Data during the Backup Process

If you are backing up your data to a computer that is in a different physical location, you should look for a program that encrypts the data before transmitting it. While your intent in backing up your data to an off-site location is to protect it from theft or damage should something happen to your offices, sending unprotected information across the Internet lets anyone access it if they're trying. Some automated backup software programs are designed to encrypt data so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users while it is being backed up.

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