Backup Software

Written by Serena Berger
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Remember when floppy disks were popular and you were always told to keep a copy of your files on a floppy disk? Given the amount of space on each disk (less than 2MB), you would have to be selective about what data you backed up. If you wanted to backup all of your files, you would find yourself buying and managing hundreds of disks.

With the ability to burn CDs and even DVDs becoming standard on most new computers, backing up your files is easier than ever. Unfortunately, we are likely to forget how important it is to back up our files until it is too late. Backup software can save you in this regard by automating the process by which your data is archived.

Advantages of Backup Software

Backup software can be configured so that all files of a particular type are archived on a regular basis. You can even configure some programs to create an archived copy every time that a file is edited. This is much safer than occasionally burning your files to disk, as a significant amount of time can elapse between when you create a backup copy of your files and when you need them.

Depending on your needs, it may be more cost efficient to use a second hard drive to back up your files. Backup software will let you choose between another drive, another computer and removable media for where you want to save your files. Using backup software safeguards against the potential catastrophe that can result when a system crashes and the drive cannot be accessed. Rather than waiting until then to worry about how you'll recover your files, you may want to be proactive and protect them now with backup software.

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