Computer Protection

Written by Serena Berger
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Computer protection is crucial because we rely so heavily on computers in our day-to-day operations. You could lose the work that took you an entire month to complete if you do not take precautions to protect your computer. This includes using passwords and locking your computer when it is not in use as well as using software and hardware to protect your data.

Computer Protection for Laptops

If you use a laptop at work and travel often, there are some special precautions that you should take that you would not need to be concerned with if you were only using a desktop computer. First and foremost, you should always use a lock to secure your computer when it is not in use, and even when it is in use in a public place. Most laptops are made with a slot on them that allows you to secure them with a cable around a stationary object.

You should also have a firewall installed on your laptop. While this is important for all computers, it is especially important for laptops because you may be accessing different networks and they may have different levels of security on them. While your office might go to great lengths to make sure that computers on the network are secure from attacks, other networks may not be up to the same standards.

No matter how secure your computer is, you should always back up important documents. You may want to use a server or another computer to store your important files. You should check with your network administrators to see how often servers are backed up. Many are backed up daily, so you can be sure that any files that you keep on them will available should something happen to your working copy. If you don't have access to a server, you can also use removable media or internet storage sites for data backup.

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