Computer Security Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For those in the market for computer security software, there's good news: all-in-one solutions exist that provide incremental levels of protection, depending on how much you need. At the basic level, running an antivirus utility in the background while you work will help keep intruders out. These include spammers, aggressive retailers, and just idle teenage boys surfing for mischief and mayhem.

If it's not you who needs protection but your children, there are computer security software suites that will supervise their internet sessions and hand-deliver the results to your mailbox. A server log from their time online can reveal where your kids have been, the sites they've navigated, the media they've looked at, and the pages they've printed. More importantly, they can tell you whom your children have met in their online escapades. Many parents are dismayed or even shocked to find out that it's not just MP3s and streaming video that's occupying kids' time online, but one-on-one encounters as well.

Computer Security Software Needn't Be 'Scareware'

If you're from the "non-interference" school of child-rearing, you may not want your children to know you've got an eye on them. For some, open disclosure is exactly the right recipe; these parents know that their children will respect them more for openly divulging their monitoring, and oftentimes the kids respond in turn. In other instances, however, children take advantage of this free and open environment and keep up appearances by surfing for benign content at home. Then, once they're at a friend's house, where the atmosphere is more "permissive," they indulge their more prurient impulses.

One way parents avoid this scenario is by installing computer security software covertly. That way, they can keep tabs on their children without scaring them away. Best of all, these tools are easy to deploy without any specialized knowledge and remain undetectable to users--even the most technologically proficient of them.

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